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About Us

We are - Menari-  an online ballet school. Your teacher has two years of teaching and nine years of dancing experience. 

We are very excited that you are considering joining us, it's very easy!

For just $75 a year you have access to one weekly lesson. Usually ballet classes cost $1,300 a year.   

Join today and we will keep you updated on bonus content, scholarships, and exciting opportunities. 


Classes We Offer


Ballet One

You have never danced before? That is OK! Come to this class to learn the basic roots of ballet and just to have fun. Maybe you have just a tiny bit of experience dancing ballet or you want to learn a new style? Come here to sharpen and refresh your mind for ballet. Contact us so you can get placed in your level.

Young Ballerinas

Ballet Two

Now that you have learned most of the positions and basic steps in Ballet One, you will learn how to do a dance at the barre and we will do a full one hour dance class. Have fun! Please contact us soon so you can get placed in you rightful level.

Modern Ballet

Ballet Three

In Ballet Two you learned how a full ballet class is. Here you will learn how to use your head, some of the more complicated steps and you will learn small combinations from different ballets in 1hr and 15 minutes . Have fun and please contact us soon so you can get placed in your correct level.


We are an online dance school


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